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Dynamic Currency

Dynamic Currency offers a seamless and flexible payment experience for guests using foreign cards. It allows foreign cardholders to choose between converting their currency to the local currency or paying in the currency of the issuing country, ensuring a tailored and convenient payment process.

Features and Benefits:

    1. Currency Conversion Options: When a guest pays with a foreign card, the Dynamic Currency Tool offers a straightforward choice. Guests can select whether to convert their transaction to the local currency or proceed with the payment in the currency of their card’s issuing country.
    2. Tailored Payment Experience: This tool provides a highly personalised payment experience for foreign cardholders. It empowers guests to make the currency choice that best suits their preferences and financial needs, eliminating any potential confusion or uncertainty during the transaction.
    3. Transparent and Convenient: The Dynamic Currency Tool ensures transparency by displaying the conversion rate and total amount in both local and foreign currencies. This clarity fosters trust and confidence among your international guests.
    4. Global Appeal: Whether your restaurant attracts local diners or tourists from around the world, the Dynamic Currency Tool ensures that foreign cardholders have the flexibility to pay in a way that feels most comfortable to them. It caters to a diverse customer base, improving their overall experience.

Why Choose Dynamic Currency Tool?

Dynamic Currency enhances your restaurant’s appeal to an international clientele and simplifies payment for foreign cardholders. By providing currency conversion options, you create a more inclusive and accommodating payment experience, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty. Embrace the global nature of your restaurant and empower your guests with payment choice through the Dynamic Currency Tool.