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Dynamic Tipping

Yetipay’s Dynamic Tipping Tool is designed to enhance your payment journey by offering smart, intuitive tip prompts. These prompts appear when you open a bill in the Yeti app, giving you and your guests the flexibility to choose how you’d like to express your appreciation for excellent service. This innovative tool empowers customers to tip generously and conveniently, contributing to a significant uplift in tips for your sites.

Features and Benefits:

    1. Versatile Tip Options: The Dynamic Tipping Tool provides various tipping options to cater to different preferences. Guests can choose to tip a specific percentage of the bill, leave a custom tip amount by entering a free text value, or round up their bill payment to the nearest round number. This flexibility ensures that tipping is effortless and tailored to individual preferences.
    2. Optimised for Service Charge: For POS-integrated sites that include a service charge on the bill, the Dynamic Tipping Tool offers a custom tip prompt. This prompt displays the service charge amount and provides the option to round up slightly to reach a round number on top of the already applied service charge. This feature allows guests to contribute a little extra as a gesture of appreciation, making it convenient and gratifying for both the customer and your staff.
    3. Boost in Tips: The Dynamic Tipping Tool has proven to be a game-changer for sites. It significantly increases tips by simplifying and personalising the tipping process, resulting in improved financial rewards for your staff and a more satisfying dining experience for your customers.

Why Choose the Dynamic Tipping Tool?

The Dynamic Tipping Tool by Yetipay is a powerful asset for your restaurant, enhancing the tipping experience and increasing tip earnings. Its versatility in tipping options, consideration of service charges, and proven track record of increasing tips make it a valuable addition to your payment journey. Choose the Dynamic Tipping Tool to optimise your tipping process and provide an enjoyable and convenient experience for both your guests and staff. Elevate your tipping game with Yetipay.