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Feed it Back

Yetipay’s integration with the feedback platform, Feed it Back, takes your restaurant’s guest feedback to the next level. Designed to seamlessly work with our Leave@Table mode, this third-party integration offers a customised survey at the end of the payment journey, ensuring specific and valuable insights into each guest’s dining experience.

Features and Benefits:

    1. Customised Survey Integration: With the Feed it Back Integration, a custom survey is seamlessly loaded at the conclusion of the payment journey in Leave@Table mode. This provides a unique opportunity for your guests to share their thoughts and experiences in a convenient and timely manner.
    2. Guest-Specific Feedback: One of the most powerful features of this integration is that it shares details about what the guest had on their bill with Feed it Back. This ensures that the feedback collected is highly specific to the guest’s individual dining experience, offering valuable insights for restaurant improvement.
    3. Significant Feedback Increase: Restaurants that enable the Feed it Back Integration benefit from a substantial increase in feedback. By making the feedback process effortless and guest-specific, you encourage more guests to provide their thoughts, enabling you to continuously refine your service and offerings.

Why Choose Feed it Back Integration?

The Feed it Back Integration by Yetipay is an essential tool for restaurants looking to elevate their guest feedback and drive service improvement. By offering customised surveys and ensuring guest-specific feedback, you gain valuable insights into the diner experience. This not only helps in making data-driven improvements but also demonstrates your commitment to delivering exceptional service. Increase feedback, identify areas for enhancement, and enhance guest satisfaction with the Feed it Back Integration.