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Leave @ Table

Leave@Table takes the hassle out of bill splitting by placing the power in the hands of your guests. This unique tool allows your customers to view their bill in their own time at the table and split it in a variety of ways, making the dining experience smoother and more efficient for both guests and staff.

Features and Benefits:

    1. Customised Bill Splitting: With Leave@Table, your guests have the flexibility to split the bill as they see fit. They can divide the total amount by specific amounts, equally among the number of people at the table, or even by individual menu items. The possibilities are endless, ensuring a seamless dining experience.
    2. Empower Your Guests: Leave@Table goes a step further by placing the payment device directly on the table with your guests. This hands-on approach lets diners take control of their bill and payment process, reducing the need for staff assistance in bill splitting.
    3. Faster Table Turnover: By empowering guests to handle their bills independently, your waitstaff no longer need to spend valuable time assisting with bill splitting. This means faster table turnover and increased efficiency, allowing your restaurant to serve more customers and boost revenue.
    4. Gather Valuable Insights: Leave@Table offers a unique opportunity for your restaurant to collect valuable data from your customers. Optional add-ons, such as NPS surveys, Feeditback surveys, and Google Reviews QR codes, combine well with Leave@Table. This means you can access customer feedback and insights directly through the payment device, helping you better understand your clientele and improve service.

Why Choose Leave@Table?

Leave@Table is more than just a bill-splitting tool; it’s a game-changer for restaurants looking to enhance the dining experience and gather valuable customer data. It empowers your guests, streamlines your service, and gives you the edge in understanding your customers better. With Leave@Table, your restaurant can offer a faster, more customer-focused dining experience while optimising your operational efficiency.