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NPS Collection

Our NPS Tool is key to understanding and enhancing customer satisfaction. Designed to seamlessly integrate with our Leave@Table journey, this tool empowers you to gather valuable insights into your guests’ dining experiences and their likelihood to recommend your restaurant to others.

Features and Benefits:

    1. Instant NPS Surveys: When a bill is paid for using Yeti Leave@Table, your customers are presented with a quick and user-friendly NPS survey. They can rate their experience on a scale from 0 to 10, providing you with real-time feedback on their dining experience.
    2. Data Logging and Reporting: We take care of the data for you. The NPS scores are logged and compiled into detailed reports. These reports provide a clear picture of your restaurant’s overall NPS and how it may vary over time, enabling you to track improvements and address areas of concern.
    3. Staff Performance Insights: With the NPS Tool, you can also link specific NPS scores to individual staff members. This means you gain invaluable insights into how each member of your team is performing. Identify high-performing staff who consistently provide exceptional service and pinpoint areas where additional training or support may be needed.

Why Choose the NPS Tool?

The NPS Tool by Yetipay is more than just a feedback mechanism; it’s a pathway to improvement. By collecting NPS scores from your customers, you can measure their satisfaction, identify areas for enhancement, and turn your diners into brand advocates. Plus, with the ability to link NPS scores to staff members, you can create a team of exceptional performers who consistently deliver outstanding service. Harness the power of customer feedback and staff insights to elevate your restaurant’s reputation and success with the NPS Tool.