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Pay @ Table

Pay@Table simplifies the bill payment process by offering a range of options for loading and splitting bills right from the Yetipay app. Designed to enhance the dining experience, Pay@Table is a versatile tool catering to various bill-splitting preferences.

Features and Benefits:

    1. Flexible Bill Splitting: With Pay@Table, your diners can load their bill and choose how they’d like to split it. Whether it’s by specific amounts, equally among the number of people at the table, or even by individual menu items, Pay@Table accommodates various splitting preferences, making the process hassle-free.
    2. Waitstaff-Friendly: In this mode, the payment device remains under the control of the waiter, ensuring a smooth and professional dining experience. The device is only passed to the guest when it’s time to make the actual payment, which simplifies the overall process and allows your staff to manage the transaction.
    3. Eliminating Mental Math: The primary use case for Pay@Table is to alleviate the burden on your waitstaff when guests request to split the bill in different ways. Instead of manual calculations and potential errors, Pay@Table ensures that bill-splitting is accurate and efficient, leaving your waitstaff free to focus on providing exceptional service.

Why Choose Pay@Table?

Pay@Table offers a seamless solution to streamline bill payment and splitting. By leveraging the Yetipay app and providing flexible bill-splitting options, it enhances the overall dining experience while simplifying your staff’s responsibilities. Whether you run a busy restaurant or a cozy bistro, Pay@Table ensures that the dining process remains efficient and enjoyable for both your guests and waitstaff. Say goodbye to mental math and hello to a more convenient and error-free bill-splitting process with Pay@Table.