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This integration allows you to efficiently split off the tip amount at the point of payment and send it directly to the virtual TiPJAR, offering your customers a convenient way to tip and ensuring your staff receives their gratuities faster.

Features and Benefits:

    1. Real-Time Tip Allocation: With the TiPJAR Integration, customers have the option to tip directly at the point of payment. This eliminates the need for the traditional tip allocation process, ensuring that gratuities are allocated instantly.
    2. Enhanced Customer Experience: Offering customers the convenience of tipping in real-time simplifies the payment process, enhancing the overall dining experience. Guests can express their appreciation more easily and directly, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.
    3. Swift Gratuity Distribution: TiPJAR ensures that tips are swiftly directed to the intended staff members. By bypassing the standard transaction-settlement-reconciliation process, your staff receives their gratuities in a timelier manner, contributing to their financial well-being and job satisfaction.

Why Choose TiPJAR Integration?

The TiPJAR Integration by Yetipay reimagines the tipping experience, making it more accessible and efficient for both your customers and staff. By offering real-time tipping, you create a seamless payment journey and enhance customer satisfaction. Additionally, the integration streamlines the gratuity distribution process, ensuring that your staff receives their well-deserved tips faster. Choose the TiPJAR Integration to optimise your restaurant’s tipping process and create a win-win situation for both customers and staff.