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Yetipay’s integration with Zonal POS brings efficiency and convenience to your restaurant operations. This integration allows users to load open bills from the Zonal POS onto the Yeti payment device, facilitating quick and secure payments, and streamlining table management.

Features and Benefits:

    1. Seamless Bill Transfer: With the Zonal POS Integration, open bills from the Zonal POS system can be effortlessly transferred to the Yeti payment device. This feature simplifies the payment process for your staff and enhances the overall dining experience for your guests.
    2. Efficient Payment Processing: Once the bill is loaded onto the Yeti payment device, payments can be processed swiftly and accurately. This integration closes off the table on the Zonal POS, ensuring that your staff can efficiently manage table turnover and guest settlements.
    3. Versatility with Existing Features: The Zonal POS Integration seamlessly complements Yetipay’s existing features, including Leave@Table and Pay@Table. This means that, in conjunction with these features, bills can be split and paid in different ways, providing flexibility to your guests and enhancing the overall dining experience.

Why Choose Zonal POS Integration?

The Zonal POS Integration by Yetipay optimizes your restaurant’s payment and bill management processes. It not only streamlines the payment journey but also enhances the operational efficiency of your establishment. By integrating with Zonal POS, you create a smoother, more versatile dining experience for your guests, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and improved operational efficiency. Boost your restaurant’s performance with the Zonal POS Integration.