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Portable card machines: the versatile payment solution

4 min read
Discover the power of portable card machines—your ticket to flexible payments within a 100-meter range.

In this article we’ll cover:

Portable card machines aren’t just about the freedom to take payments wherever you roam; they’re the secret weapon for businesses that thrive on movement and flexibility. They untether you from fixed payment points, giving you the power to transact freely within a 100-meter radius. For restaurants, bars, or any business needing varied payment spots, these machines are the backstage pass to seamless transactions.

How do portable card machines work?

Picture this: a base unit plugged into power and tethered to broadband or a phone line via an ethernet cable. This unit's the power source for the card machine, providing wireless access up to 100 meters. These gadgets often boast long-lasting battery life, ensuring you're always ready for action.

Most portable machines are all about versatility. They handle chip and pin payments, tap-and-go, and digital wallet payments with ease. They come equipped with LCD screens, backlit keypads, and yes, they even print receipts.

What are the benefits of portable card machines?

Portable card machines are a game-changer for businesses operating within a fixed space but needing the flexibility to take payments anywhere within that space. Imagine seamlessly connecting from indoor tables to outdoor seating areas in restaurants or bars—these machines make it possible.

Their user-friendly design, lightweight build, and lengthy battery life make them a dream to use. They tap into broadband or phone lines, ensuring a stable connection—an ace up their sleeve compared to the SIM-based mobile card machines. Taking payments directly to the customer not only boosts accessibility but also paints a positive picture of your business, fostering customer loyalty.

Getting started with portable card machines

Finding the right portable card machine involves considering costs, transaction fees, functionalities, service levels, and integrations. First things first: deciding whether to rent or buy a card machine sets the stage. 

There’s a buffet of portable card machines out there, each with its unique features. The WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, battery life, touchscreen options, suitability for outdoor use, display features, and accepted payment methods are the key ingredients to consider.

At Yetipay.me, we ensure fairness in our payment services. With next-day settlements and a flexible 30-day rolling contract, we’re here to support your business without tying you down.

Taking payments with portable card machines

A merchant account is the backbone of credit card transactions, holding your money until it reaches your company bank account. Many card payment providers assist in setting up these accounts, streamlining the integration of a card machine into your business.

Embracing contactless payments is key in today's world, where they account for over a quarter of all UK transactions. Offering multiple payment options enhances customer loyalty and makes your business more customer-centric.

Is a portable card machine the right option for your business?

Portable card machines are the superhero sidekick for businesses needing on-the-go payments. Think retail shops navigating shop floors, beauty salons offering chair-side payments, or hotels collecting room service fees on the move. 

If your payments stick to a fixed location, like a desk or kiosk, countertop card machines are your pals. But if your business spans various locations, operates over 100 meters, or lacks broadband or phone line access, then the mobile card machine is your go-to.