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Yeti Card Readers

Welcome to our range of payment devices from £19.95 per month plus transaction costs.

Always connected with 4G

Say goodbye to downtime and welcome uninterrupted transactions with mobile connectivity as standard. No longer will you have to worry about unstable internet connections or hardware malfunctions, as we ensure that your payment devices are always connected and operational.

or Wi-fi

We understand that flexibility is key in today's fast-paced business environment. That's why we give you the power to choose between a cellular connection and Wi-Fi, based on what suits your specific needs. Whether you're on the go, setting up shop in a new location, or simply want to ensure redundancy in your payment processing, we empower you to make the choice that's right for your business.

Custom Branding

Your business is one-of-a-kind, and your payment devices should reflect that. With our Custom Branding feature, you have the opportunity to showcase your brand's identity on your payment terminals. Impress your customers and leave a lasting impression.

POS integrations

Ensure that your payment devices seamlessly communicate with your POS system with our POS integrations. Say goodbye to the hassle of double entry errors and save time and effort for your staff. Whether you have a single-location business or a multi-site enterprise, our POS Integration allows a simplified, efficient, and data-driven business.

Mounting dock and stands

With built-in charging capabilities, our mounting docks and stands keep your payment terminals powered and ready to use at all times. This means you never have to worry about battery life during a busy shift or unexpected power outages.

Receipt Printing

We offer you the flexibility to choose between a payment device with a built-in receipt printer or without, giving you the freedom to design your payment setup just the way you like it. Whether you prefer a sleek and compact device for quick transactions or one with an integrated receipt printer for detailed, on-the-spot receipts, the choice is yours.

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